Search Engine Optimization

The level of website optimization required varies dramatically from one site to the next. The following are the main contributing factors to how much work is required on the website itself.
– how has the web site been designed?
– is the web site in frames?
– has it been designed in Flash?
– has text been produced as graphics?
– how many pages are there?
– how has the navigation been created?
– how competitive are your targeted keywords?
– how many keywords do you wish to target?
– how many existing inbound links does the website have?
Benefits of Website Optimization

– enables search engines to read and navigate a websites content
– website download quicker and are accessible to more customers
– helps search engines to determine a websites importance in
– relation to other web site of similar content or target market
– web pages download faster
– websites more often than not become more user friendly and easier
– to navigate

Good Optimization = High Search Engine Rankings
= Dramatic Increase in Visitors = Increase in Sales

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